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Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in my studio! I teach absolute beginners to intermediate saxophonists and help any interested musicians transition to bassoon. I offer zoom lessons and am happy to discuss rates for lessons at your home. Please email me at or call/text (916)761-8719 to check my availability!

audrey's bassoon reed-making series is here!

Dates available as demand arises

1. Scoring, Beveling, Folding and Wiring cane

Students will need a small notebook to take notes, pliers (#E-36, $22) and a holding mandrel (#E-07 or #E-08, $22) which can be found at Cane, wires, and a wooden dowel will be provided. My specialized flat forming mandrel will be shared and a utility knife will be used with individual supervision.

2. Wrapping, Cutting, Arching and Tip Work

Students will need pliers (#E-36, $22), a knife (Call Forrest's and talk to Cynthia Hanson for great info), a holding mandrel (#E-07 or #E-08, $22), nylon thread (I will have extra spools), and a drying rack (Any works. Cheapest is #E-18 $20 or Amazon will do it too). I will provide razor blades with individual supervision over cutting reeds open and plaques.

Current students


Sacramento Youth Symphony: 

A wonderful program for students who don’t have an orchestra program at school or who want more exposure. Audition required. Weekly rehearsals in Rosemont.


Forrest’s Double Reeds: 

A good place to start searches for reed tools - and a fun place to stop by in Berkeley on the way to San Francisco!


Music and the Bassoon:

This is an invaluable resource for beginner bassoonists! It contains video tutorials on breathing, vibrato, embouchure, tone production, and many other things. I draw several of my analogies from this series.


International Double reed Society:


California Music Educators Association

Check here for dates and information for solo and ensemble festivals


Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band Association

This association holds a youth artist solo competition annually in January. Winners get $500 and the opportunity to perform a solo with one of the association’s ensembles. 

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